Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"Pretentiousness is being cheap with your ego""I used to be the kind of person who disliked stupid people.. then I progressed to only disliking those who were stupid but who wouldn't admit to it.. now I realize it is I who am stupid for disliking anyone at all.. .and stupidity can be a great virtue.""All lies are true... all truths are lies""There is no bad or good... only stuff and circumstance""The more I think.. the less I know.. and the corrillary is true as well... the more I know.. the less I think""If it is truth you seek you should comprehend everything as an illusion""A sad but common plieght: If you want to make someone like you... concentrate on making them like themselves.... your own self-improvement, on the other hand, will ultimately make them dislike you, since it will make them feel less good about themselves" "Why do things have to be material to really matter?.. (because it's even built into our language.. "matter" is the only thing that "matters" to us...matter is material... material is matter)"


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Anonymous said...

"now I realize it is I who am stupid for disliking anyone at all"