Thursday, July 10, 2008

I just completed the book The Moses Code. I highly recommend it for a more spiritual take on the Law of Attraction.

Sometimes you are working on mastering the Law of Attraction, and you reach a roadblock of sorts. (It’s not really, though, more like an opportunity for healing a limited belief.)

You work on this by asking yourself questions to determine the root of the blockage. But then it doesn’t feel like it’s enough, or you feel you need to approach it from a different direction.

That is your soul talking to you.

You see, learning how to manifest a vacation or a new car is wonderful, but its not life fulfilling. You all know the stories of the unhappy little rich girl…

What is fulfilling is aligning yourself with your highest vibration - and that highest vibration is your piece of God that is within you.

Your Piece!

Your Peace.

So the journey is ever continuing, and it never ends.

“You can never get it wrong,

You can never get it all done.”

__from Rebecca Brigg's FaceBook notes (Came home from my morning workout routine feeling unilluminated and had questioned the Universe why; then this appeared. It was just so inspiring to me and for all I am grateful again :: ))

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