Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I believe all things have purpose.

Even what we sometimes refer to as tragic (especially these) carry with them a great gift (often times our greatest).

So give me tragic; give me pain! It's just going to make me write better and I know that love lays beyond it.

I've heard it said before that when we can get the courage to look those who have harmed us in the face and thank them for the lesson and the beautiful thoughts and writings they have given us (and mean it) then and only then are we able to move on. That's another word for forgiveness. Forgiveness is not for them... it's for us!

I wish to learn to bless my enemies, to become indifferent to any outcome. Outcomes dont matter; this moment right here, right now does.Yes time is moving on and we couldn't be so fortunate. So cry my angel cry and give the world your beautiful words and celebrate!

_Scotty Reed 1.7.2008

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