Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Catalyst of Change

There is a reason we have met
And connected
It’s true there are always reasons
But some reasons have greater purpose
A more powerful meaning
More than others at time
You recognize these… by how they make you feel
Feel” being the key word here
Feelings are your gates to God
Your highest thought
Your truest meaning
Words are usually from man
But feelings are from God
There are many ways, which God speaks to you
In words
In music
In thoughts
But the one she speaks to you the most through is feeling
Feelings are the door to your soul
I am not sure my angel what this all means right now
But I do know this is a rare moment
So for now, I will hold you dear
Until my heart is paused
This time I am listening
I am not running anymore
Against my worldly reason
Because my love my feelings are out of this world
Out of my mind

You have become my highest thought; the one which contains Joy
My clearest words; those which contain truth
And my grandest feeling; that feeling which I call love.

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